How IT all began. The start of Battleford Boutique

Posted by Angie Friedrich on

If you ask me how my business began, the answer is "by accident." It wasn't like I sat down one day and decided to open a store.

As an entrepreneurial spirit, I took the leap in 2004 and left my full time, good paying job to become my own boss. I started out as the Battlefords franchisee of Powerflyers.

You may remember it as it became quite successful. We had coupons before "groupon" was a thing and FREE Classifieds before "Kijiji" was a thing. At this point I am thinking...yes, we kind of missed the mark. That evolved to include Battlefords Daily News (and again we were the first online newspaper in the Battlefords) before and before

As an entrepreneur (with a business partner - Marie Kjargaard) we decided to work in an office as opposed to our houses. We found a small office space available in Battleford. We discovered an opportunity on our free classifieds, to purchase a basket gifting franchise. And so we did...and then we expanded our horizons to include a printshop.

Well this nice office space had nice windows and it only made sense to us to put some inventory on display. And so we might have guessed it by now, that inventory was baby accessories. The options continued to expand and the business continued to grow. This is why i say it happened by accident. The boutique now offers clothing, shoes, toys and other trending items.

I really enjoy my "accidental" business. It's exciting to meet the expectant moms, and later meet their babies. It's fun to watch as their families grow, and their children develop personalities. I am truly thankful that they choose Battleford Boutique as their shopping destination. This includes grandma too!

There have been many changes since 2004. I don't have a business partner anymore, unless you count my husband! I don't have Powerflyers or Battlefords Daily News anymore. I don't have the basket gifting franchise either. I still have the printing business (Powerprint) and obviously the Battleford Boutique.Come in and discover the boutique for yourself. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.



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