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Article: I quit quitting!

I quit quitting!

Being in business for yourself can be very rewarding, but it is often very "scary." 

I heard time and time again that "there isn't a place in town to buy a decent bra." Well I already had the ladies clothing so I thought, "Now might be a good time to expand into bras." 

Now I am sure most of us feel the same when it comes to bra shopping. It usually isn't very fun. It can be very frustrating. We rely on the sales person to help us find a good fit. The desire to help my customer was very overwhelming. I felt unsure about my ability to know what size and style would best suit my customer. I felt like - maybe they were comparing me to other bra fitting shops they had visited in the past. I wanted to have a bra for everyone!! I wanted all the brands, all the sizes, all the styles. I was struggling with my own expectations of myself. 

I started to gain confidence with experience. (Thank you to my customers who graciously let me "practice" my fitting skills) Seeing my customer leave with a bra and a smile was very rewarding.

Then there were months where I saw my inventory sit in that room, waiting to be discovered. Self doubt started to creep in again. Now if you know me well, or have been into the store looking at bras during certain times, you may have heard me say that I am quitting...going out of bras. You might have heard me say that several times, and then in, and then out, and back in again. LOL! 

A few weeks ago two ladies came into the store. They were so excited to discover that I had bras...and then it happened again in the same week. Two ladies feeling very happy to have found my shop and leaving with a bra that made them feel supported. That is when I quit quitting!

So for anyone who may have heard that I am not going to sell bras anymore, I am here to tell you that I AM IN!. I don't have all the brands, the styles or the sizes, nor do i have all the answers...but if I can help one lady at a time, it's totally worth having what I have. 

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