Ascopera Purse - Flabelli Black

$100.00 $150.00

The Flabelli, stands as a unique work of vegan leather craftsmanship, a functional piece of art that conveniently fits in life. Use it as your daily bag to store the myriad of things your life calls for, or as a weekender to carry overnight clothing, toiletries, and snacks for your getaway. Flabelli offers timeless and covetable design with adjustable strap.

Our vegan leather does not have any animal products or by-products, it offers a complete approach that keeps us looking good and doing good.

Having sustainable handbags is very important to us. Our pieces are not made to last a season but are intended to be a part of your wardrobe for many years. That is why we perform several quality control tests on all new materials and styles for each season.

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