Cienta T-Strap Shoes

$25.00 $46.00

Cienta shoes begin with the careful selection of raw, natural materials appropriate to each season.Only the finest cotton, wool, linen and rubber are used. 
All materials used are porous, making our shoes lightweight and breathable from all sides, even at the inner & outer soles. Each pair of shoes is further enhanced with scented in-sole paddings for cushioning and for the absorption of moisture .

The t-bar shoes are perfect for babies and their first steps. The upper part is made with cotton and and it has a rubber sole to provide greater grip when walking. A comfortable and fresh style, you will love these t-bar shoes!

Our Products are “Made In Green” certified. We do not use any glues or hazardous chemicals during production.

This natural scent is added to the rubber while we mold our outsoles and...
...the kids love the end result!

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