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Fancy Nancy Books

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Nancy is a young girl who loves to be fancy! Fancy does not mean expensive or luxurious for Nancy. It simply means busy, embellished, colorful, or French! She lives with her mom, dad, and little sister, who are so plain that they don’t even ask for sprinkles on their ice cream!

Nancy tries to help her family be fancy on a daily basis, whether she is adding frilly toothpicks to sandwiches or teaching her little sister what it means to be a princess. Almost every Fancy Nancy book deals with situations where Nancy is forced to cope with change, friendship difficulties, and tough moments. In the end, Nancy knows that her family loves and accepts each other the way they are, and reminds us all that there is no better or fancier way to say “I love you.”

For ages 4-8


Fancy Nancy Books - Battleford Boutique
Fancy Nancy Books Sale price$4.99