Nest Startle Stop Sleep Bag 0.5 TOG Snowy Peaks


Our Startle Stop Sleep Bag set feels like a comforting hug for your babes that helps coax them back to sleep - essential for those newborn sleep nights. Designed in three pieces including the sleep bag, removable Velcro swaddle wings, and removable Velcro swaddle arms, this sleep bag swaddle adjusts to your baby, so they sleep in a position that inhibits their startle reflex and sleep better through the night.

We use baby-safe Velcro on the wing tips of the swaddle for easy wrapping‚ either with your baby's arms upright or wrapped inside. This sleep bag set has a two-way zipper and 0.5 TOG rating for the warmer weather (without the wings on). Please note that with the wings on, the sleep bag has a 1.0 TOG rating.

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