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Robert Munsch - Mmm, Cookies

Sale price$7.99

Robert Munsch cooks up some mischief in this scrumptious tale — now with a fresh new look!

When Christopher goes into the basement and sees a pile of play clay in the corner, he decides to cook up some mischief. Wap, wap, wap - he shapes the clay into cookies, and then decorates them with sugar, icing and raisins, all of play clay.

Christopher's parents are touched when he presents them with a beautiful batch of cookies—until they actually try one and find out the cookies were made from play clay! YUCK!

When Christopher goes to school, his teacher helps the class make the most incredible cookies of all.

Perfect for read-aloud, this fun book is perfect for April Fool’s Day — or any day that needs some laughs! Now reissued with a bright new cover design.

When Robert Munsch worked in daycare, he used to play a game with the kids. When they were at the play clay table, he would come over and say, "Has anybody made me a cookie today?" Each kid would then make him a clay cookie and laugh when he tried to eat it. The kids NEVER got tired of it, and eventually all those stories turned into this single story!

Robert Munsch - Mmm, Cookies - Battleford Boutique
Robert Munsch - Mmm, Cookies Sale price$7.99